Health Benefits of Massage Therapy if Done Regularly

Reduces Stress

Not only can massage help relieve stress, but also, regular massage therapy sessions over a prolonged time can increase energy levels, stimulate someone on emotional and physical levels, as well as reduce pain.


Lowers Blood Pressure Levels

Massage therapy sessions on a regular basis with a certified masseuse have been believed to decrease blood pressure levels. As a matter of fact, some studies have shown that consistent massage therapy programs can decrease both the systolic and the diastolic blood pressure. Aside from that, it can also decrease the body’s cortisol levels. In addition to that, consistent massage therapy programs can also decrease trigger sources for hostility, tension, depression and anxiety. Lower blood pressure levels can decrease the risk of kidney failure, stroke and/or heart attack, and some other health problems.

Promotes Muscle Relaxation

The main objective of a massage therapy program is to target the body’s source of pain by increasing flexibility, promoting relaxation to the injured or damaged muscles and the entire body as a whole, as well as eliminating tense muscles. Furthermore, a massage therapy promotes blood circulation to the injured or affected area, increases flexibility to help reduce pain. This kind of therapy releases endorphins or also known as the pain-killing hormones that boost the serotonin and dopamine levels in your body. These hormones help the human body in a lot of ways – emotionally and physically. Case in point, it promotes healing, feelings of euphoria, pain management and also, aid to come the nerves.

Helps Improve Blood Circulation

The long-term advantages of a massage program are not to be underestimated. Improved blood circulation is part of the snowball effect which happens in the human body as the result of obtaining massage therapy on a regular basis. This is because good blood circulation brings tense, stiff and damaged muscles that the blood supply they need in order to enhance healing. It also promotes enhanced circulation through the hands-on pressure which moves the blood through congested as well as damaged areas of the human body.

The release of this same blood pressure causes the new blood to flow into our tissues. Pulling action, twisting and squeezing of the therapeutic massage techniques that helps in removing lactic acid from the lactic acid from muscle tissues. Because of this, this action enhances the lymph blood circulation that carries away metabolic waste products from the muscles and internal organs. This results in the decrease in blood pressure levels and enhanced all body function.

Helps Improve Posture

A lot of people experience neck, muscle and back pain from various sources. However, the main cause of the pain results from inappropriate posture. Chronic back pain that is the main reason for missed work days, and second, the most common cause of disability is always the result of poor or incorrect posture that’s done while sitting and/or standing. Being overweight, repetitive or overuse movements, poor improvements can greatly contribute to back strain and other potential health problems. Because of this, the added strain usually causes pain, tense muscles and spasms in the hips, legs, neck, back and glutes.

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